OUTTA HAND Focuses on Women’s Issues

The launch of the OUTTA HAND series of exhibitions, marks the curatorial debut of multi-disciplinary performer and designer Jamie Philbert through her company, Art on Purpose as she seeks to add to the discussions surrounding the plague of violence against women and girls in our country using the art and talent of local creatives as a catalyst for conversation and ensuing additional solutions to the problem.

Why have you chosen to place your focus on women and girls?

I am a woman, born of a woman, we are the creators. We are life and we bring life. So it is important for us to feel safe and be protected. History has repeatedly taken power away from women. I feel that because we are innately powerful, we have been marginalised because of fear. If we keep violating and killing women and girls the world will be devoid of that power, we will have no world.   

You have chosen visual artist Sarah Burrows’ work to feature at the exhibition. Why Sarah?

I began with Sarah Burrows because of her dynamic talent and refreshing humility. I had the pleasure of witnessing her create a mural in one day, hours in fact and the best way I can describe it is cosmic maternal magic. Sarah’s work speaks of bright transformation, a special kind of alchemy and it is my vision for the larger project that audiences may experience this through memory, thought, and action.

The event itself has several elements to it, including the addition of disciplines other than only visual art. What was the thought process behind this?

I have the opportunity to be a choreographer and performing artist for almost 20 years now. I often employ dance, live music, poetry, etc. to clearly convey my message. I recognize that I could enhance my curatorial experience by using a similar formula which allows audiences to have a vivid, multi-sensory experience.

What else can be expected on the evening?

After the viewing of the painting and the performances we also have a panel discussion. I selected the panel based on their level of experience or expertise, diverse views and level of sensitivity to the topic. I want a raw/real conversation to take place. One that is not only educational yet one that people could genuinely engage.

What is the long term goal of this project?

My plan is to host these bi-monthly exhibitions at my Art on Purpose in EAST YARD with the mission to  showcase the healing power of art. Right now I’m doing this online course that focuses on using art for healing and know that through my even teaching dance over the years, it has been for healing on both a spiritual and physical level for the individual learning and participating. So it’s really about infusing the practical with the knowledge that I am currently acquiring. I do believe the practice of art and by extension the appreciation of and engagement with art has the power to heal on even a metaphysical and emotional way if it is used in the right way.

OUTTA HAND at EAST YARD, May 12th 2018, 6PM to 10PM


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