Green Screen Hosts The Environmental Film Festival

The Green Screen – The Environmental Film Festival starts today with a screening at San Fernando Hill. This year will see the festival being held in two instalments. The first happening over the weekend and the second being held as usual later in the year.
The Art of Change Series will focus on what individuals and small organisations are able to achieve when they share their ideas, apply creativity and put people at the centre of solutions.

Green Screen observes that the power of creativity and empathy to find people centred solutions have not been fully harnessed in T&T and this film series will curate films and facilitate discussions that can inspire creative solutions and action at the community level.

Films will include Landfill Harmonic, Songs of Redemption and Angel Azul. Venues will be in Port of Spain and San Fernando.

Two films produced as part of the Films For A Better Place programme in 2016 (supported by FilmTT and the German Embassy Port of Spain) have been picked up for distribution by CaribbeanTales TV. Teach A Man and Quiet Revolution will be available in April via Caribbean Tales online streaming service and FLOW On Demand.

Carver Bacchus has been selected as Caribbean Tales Filmmaker of the Month as Executive Producer of “Quiet Revolution” and Director of “Teach A Ma..”

The Art of Change Film Series Schedule

Feature Documentary, 95 min, 2015
Date: Friday, 13th April, 7:00pm
Venue: San Fernando Hill – Screening and Picnic

Feature Documentary, 79 min, 2013
Date: Thursday 19th April, 6:30pm
Venue: Grundlos Kollektiv,11 Cipriani Blvd, P.O.S – Screening, Q&A and After-Lime

Feature Documentary, 74 min, 2014
Date: Thursday 19th April, 6:30pm
Venue: 6 Scott Street, St. Clair – Screening and Talk followed by reception

Very Short Shorts Film

In June 2018, Green Screen will open a one-minute film competition with great cash prizes for all ages and skill levels. The selected films will be included in Green Screen 2018’s November programming. The theme will be Marine Pollution: Causes and Solutions.


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