Q&A with Artist Kevin Vincent

Kevin Vincent is a practicing artist and has pursued art with passion since childhood. He explored Graffiti art briefly during Secondary school and went on to complete a degree in Fine Art at the University of the West Indies.

Kevin’s keen interest in abstract art was birthed during his undergraduate experience and eventually became his lens of artistic exploration and communication. For Kevin, abstract art allows him to enjoy the process of combining an array of elements such as colour, shape, texture, for example in an attempt to capture fleeting moments resulting in something visually interesting.

He primarily works with acrylic medium and at times, watercolour paints. Kevin accredits any talent that he has as a gift from God and uses it to interact with the viewing audience and believes that everyone can receive something from abstract art.

He has had the opportunity to share his artistic expressions through the CITI Bank: 200th Anniversary Collaborative Mural with the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine among other collaborative exhibitions and projects. Solo exhibitions were held more recently at the Princess Elizabeth Special School and Art 6 Gallery in 2017. Kevin also works on private commissions while building his new body of work.

REC Magazine was interested in speaking to him about his craft, so we hit him up.

Photos by Mario Sargeant

REC: What made you become an artist and how did you choose your medium?

KV: I became an artist because I enjoyed the fact that I found a joy in drawing and creating vivid images. Drawing images as a child always kept me busy when there was nothing else to do, it was my escape to somewhere adventurous and comforting.

My mother always said she was able to get sleep once I was given a paper and pencil and I would get lost in it and draw for hours. When I realised that this was the case and the joy it brought, I never stopped. It was then I knew it was a part of me. An artist is what I set out to be. I mainly work with acrylic based mediums. I have worked with other mediums before such as water colours which I tend to use from time to time as well as pastels, both oil and chalk, charcoals, etc. When I became exposed to local artists, Kenwyn Crichlow and Leroy Clarke, I was intrigued by the abstract and surrealist techniques using paint. It was this that cemented my choice of medium and I will soon be diving into oil paints, which is more difficult to use because it requires more time and patience.

Tell us more about your work. What inspires it?

KV: I enjoy abstract paintings a great deal! I gravitate to this more than landscapes or portraits. I believe there is so much more to give and receive from the dissolving of concrete objects. My work is a combination of the elements of design: line, shape, texture and colour, etc. My inspiration comes from God. I believe I am a vessel through which these works of art are manifested.

What do you hope to inspire in people?

KV: I hope to inspire joy and excitement with my use of colour and light. I hope that my work brings a sense of optimism to my audience.

What’s ahead for you? Any long-term plans or goals?

KV: Only God knows what is ahead for me. My goal is to one day become an internationally recognised artist. I would love to open an art studio and with it, a world of opportunities for young emerging artists.

What do you see as the role of the artist in society?

KV: I believe the role of the artist is to reveal the divine. The artist must create safe spaces and be the scribe, the one who writes the story. The artist is meant to assist what God has already created, in this world and in the spirit realm.

Vincent’s new work is on permanent display at EAST YARD in Arima at 27 Prince Street.

Follow him on Instagram @7nner_shepherd or on Facebook at Kevin ‘Cuzo’ Vincent for updates on upcoming exhibits.


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