What’s Up: Saturday, April 14

Need plans? We got you. “What’s Up” let’s you know what’s happening in Trinidad and Tobago, including local festivals, art and theatre events or outdoor outings coming up over the weekend. Look out for our events calendar every Friday in the Guardian newspaper. 

Saturday, April 14


Saturday Kids Clay Play

Our Saturday Kids Clay Play is back! Each Saturday during the month of April, we will be hosting our Kids Clay Play during the hours of 3-5pm.  This class caters to kids ages 5+ and is a drop off class.  For children under the age of 5 who wish to partake, a parent must be present to accompany and assist them with their project work. 

Each week we will be creating a different project using CLAY.  Projects will be left in Studio to be fired, and you can come back the following week to paint or take home to complete.  For kids participating each week, there is no charge for painting.  Those wishing to paint their projects in Studio, there is a $25 fee.

The cost of the Clay Play sessions is $400 per month or $125 Drop In Fee.

To register, please whatsapp 868-769-6406 (Tonia) or email cwmcraft@hotmail.com   A 50% deposit fee for monthly students is required to secure your spot.  This fee is non-refundable.

See you in STUDIO!

Venue: Create-With-Me (Art, craft & Pottery School & Studio)


2018 Visual Arts Degree Exhibition

The University of the West Indies, Department of Creative and Festival Arts final year exhibition is the result of investigations by students of the Fine Arts and Design disciplines within the Visual Arts Degree Programme. For Fine Art students the exhibition follows a progression of thoughtful peer reviews, insightful artist critiques and measured guidance on the fundamentals of concept development, finishing and presentation.  These promising new artists will exhibit a variety of films, installation works, drawings and paintings exploring a wide range of topics.

Venue: National Museum and Art Gallery

2 Cents Movement 30 Day Poetry Challenge

The April 30 Day Writing challenge is for both veterans and new writers. Test your writing skills!

  • Day 1: Write a poem a bout being pranked on April Fools’.
  • Day 2: Write a poem about hellos.
  • Day 3: Write a 24-word poem without repeating any words.
  • Day 4: Write a poem ending with the line “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” – Maya Angelou
  • Day 5: Imagine you are falling from the moon to Earth. Write a poem during free fall.
  • Poems will be randomly selected and reposted daily. Please suggest topics you’d like to see on the list.


Grand Slam ticket and 2CM tee-Winner will be the participant completing the 30 day challenge will be selected randomly.

– Grand Slam ticket- Winner will be the participant with the most outstanding poem at the end of the challenge!

Invite your friends!

Jab Molassie and Fire Blowing Workshop

Jab-A-Mien presents “A Jab Molassie and Fire Blowing Workshop” on April 4th -15th 2018 (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from 6 to 8 p.m. Workshops would be held at Bon Air North, Arouca.

This two-week workshop will explore all elements of Jab Molassie: jab movement, jab sound, jab rhythm and fire blowing.

Limited space available.
Reg. Fee: $50
Workshop Fee: $650

All materials included with light refreshments.

There will be a presentation at the end of the second week, where all participants get an opportunity to showcase what they have learned. After the showcase, Jab-A-Mien will be holding a river lime.

For more information, please call or WhatsApp 294-7501/393-0189, or email jabamien@gmail.com.


CONNECTIONS is a monthly event, hosted by AKIMBO. It is geared towards celebrating the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, through fashion, art, food and music.  It will provide the opportunity for the nation’s talented fashion designers, artists and artisans, to showcase their work to the community and by extension the mass public. It will bring together professionals, opinion-leaders, trendsetters and the community in a way that they are able to network, express their ideas, talents, traditions and values.

The inaugural event will feature Coffee Painting by artist and story collector Neala Luna. Her paintings are created with actual coffee, painted on 140 pound watercolour paper, and mounted onto mocha-coloured cardstock. The Cloth, which has come to represent a unique, dynamic and always original Caribbean aesthetic. The Cloth has become a much-anticipated showstopper at many a showcase in the region and throughout the Diaspora. And, videographer and photographer, Jimmel Daniel, exhibits the real Trinidad in its very gritty Caribbean reality.



Relax at the Centre of Excellence Swimming Pool Complex during the Easter Vacation. Call 222-0553 for further information

13 & Over: $20.00
12 & Under: $15.00

Specials are available for late morning and late afternoon weekday recreational. 

* A member must produce a membership card and must be currently enrolled in one of our programs to benefit from member pricing

See schedule for entire vacation below: https://goo.gl/84x5so


  • Please do take note especially of the following: Swimwear must be made of spandex or nylon. Dri-Fit is allowed. No COTTON, NO DENIM, NO UNDERWEAR.
  • Swim caps are compulsory for those with hair longer than 3 inches.
  • No Footwear is permitted on the pool deck (except for LIFEGUARDS)
  • With the exception of water and energy drinks used for hydration during a class, ABSOLUTELY NO EATING AND DRINKING IS PERMITTED IN THE POOL AREA OR WASHROOMS. Basically no eating or drinking is allowed beyond the western perimeter rope.


Turtle Watching at Matura

Our first turtle watching outing for 2018 is here! Our coastline is the second largest nesting ground for leatherback turtles in the world! What a feat for such a small twin island republic. Leatherback turtles are the largest turtle on earth and have the ability to grow as large as 8 ft long and weigh up to a stunning 2000 lbs. The laying of their eggs and the hatching of the young turtles is truly a majestic event to experience.

Assembly: 6 p.m. at the Entrance to the Mt. Hope Hospital.

Adult Cost: $100 inclusive of forestry permits and tour guiding fees (excludes transportation). Kids under 12: $50. Cost of trip with transportation: $ 175. 

How to dress: Comfortable casual wear, jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and a sweater.

Suitable for the entire family.


Unforgettable Memories 2

On Saturday, April 14 at Centre of Excellence, Tank Sound co-presents Unforgettable Memories 2 with the biggest bands of the 80’s: Asia with John Payne and Journey’s former lead vocalist Steve Augeri. 2 Big Bands. One mega Night.

For more information call 3243107/ 7481275. 

General Tickets: $250
Vip: $450

Get those tickets now at:
Praimsingh’s: Curepe & Chaguanas
Laxmi Jewellery: High St. San Fernando
Ms Food City: Debe
All Xtra Foods Nationwide
Khemlani: Port of Spain
Price Master Hardware: Pasea
Socks Bar: Macoya

Time: 9:00pm

Venue: Centre of Excellence


Sunset Yoga on the Mountain

Explore your pathway to health through yoga in a wildlife sanctuary on Bush Mountain.  Vigour flows as hummingbirds zoom around as you walk up the main trail to the yoga platform.  Commune with nature as you activate mind, body and spirit through Sangha Yoga. The most awesome instructors at Sangha Trinidad, trained under Karen Blackman, will be instructing an All Level SANGHA YOGA class.  It is a series of postures which emphasize long term safety of the spine. The series works to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while detoxifying the body and calming the mind.

Park in the Cascadia Hotel compound.

Meet Yoga Instructor in front Shakers.  If you are late, you will have to progress up the trail by yourself. The Yoga is about one hour, everything including walks to and from, setting up etc. it will take up to two hours.

Tights/leggings or short pants are fine.  Jeans will be too restrictive and heavy.  Swim suits for the pool after if you wish. Make sure you leave a dry change of clothes and towel in the car to change into for the drive home!

Bring your own Yoga mat, we may have extras but not guaranteed.

Hiking shoes are recommended.  Slippers are not appropriate for hiking but can be used at the yoga site.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $75 for Day Pass and Yoga session


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