Jazz Festival Fashion 101, As Told by Claudia Pegus

The Tobago Jazz Experience is here once again and music enthusiasts from far and wide will converge on the island to enjoy the eclectic blend of live jazz entertainment.
For the weekend of activities, patrons will be seen at the events making their fashion statements. Women in particular, will want to ensure their wardrobe is superbly styled and Instagram approved before stepping out to the shows.

Wearing the right outfit for the occasion also adds an exciting element, as well as an important detail for a successful Jazz experience.

I recently spoke to International designer, Claudia Pegus about her 2018 Jazz Collection and she was glad to share her fashion tips to keep you on-trend and to avoid any fashion faux pas.

For Claudia she said the feeling should be easy sexy, cool and comfortable. “Make a statement of bright and tropical fashion; after all, we’re in the tropics where the order of our day is sun, sea and sand. Fabrics should breathe while cooling and enveloping your bodily curves. Natural fibres are perfect this time –let cottons and silk chiffon work their magic.”

Designer: Claudia Pegus
Photography: Calvin French
Makeup: Paulla De Souza
Models: Bridget, Christian & Ariel

She also noted that currently trending is either cool pastels with an emphasis on white or hot tropical prints in vivid hues, which will both compliment and “show off” the glow from that beautiful tropical tan. “Keep it loose, short, and even strappy and engage your body in the long and flowing – allow those fabrics to blow in the wind,” she said.

Claudia also pointed out these tips goes for men as well, “nice shirts and trousers preferred or suggested fabrics will be anything that’s cool, airy and light and which can breadth. Cotton voiles, glazed sateen and stretched cottons as well as chiffons in silk and chamois. Comfort and flexibility should always be the focus as you go from a daytime to nigh-time event.”

So whatever you do or how you dress, just remember to have fun. Now off you go to Tobago and enjoy the intoxicating music. Let’s do jazz island style!


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