TailgateTT…More Than Just a Party

Tailgate TT, Tailgate JA, Anything But Cooler (A.B.C.), Cooler Paradise, Jouvert Jumbeez and soon to come Tailgate MIA are the signature events of the WILD Goose team. Kwasi Taylor, Khama Philip and Joel Auguste are the creative minds behind the scenes. The chemistry among the trio is undeniable as each member is a seasoned promoter and brings their unique perspective to any event they decide on.

Creative chaos is the best way to describe their approach. They are known for delving into varying event categories which are all linked by the common thread of creating a unique experience. The success TailgateTT opened an avenue for the recently held TailgateJA and now the team has their eyes set on TailgateMIA.

Now in it’s fourth year the highly anticipated event TAilgateTT promises to have something for everyone. A tailgate party is a social event held on the open tailgate of a pickup. Tailgating, which originated in the United States, often involves consuming alcoholic beverages and grilling of food. But naturally the WILD Goose team took it a step further.

“This year is going to be a movie. We’re excited for Tailgate every year not just as a promoter but as a patron as well. We love to see people come and have a good time. Every time we sit down to brainstorm it’s all about changing the game. So every year we upgrade the experience. What has happened, especially this year is that people understand the culture of what Tailgate is. So people are going to come early, pack their car with games and food to come to experience what TailgateTT is about. It’s more than just a party,” the team stated.

The event promises to be more interactive than the regular party. The layered structure of the event will allow various activities to happen simultaneously.

“It’s going to be a series of events within an event. What we’ve noticed is that everyone takes away something different  from the experience. Some people treat it like a bazaar because of the game set-up. Some people don’t gravitate to the front of the party so they come in as a crew and set up a personal area and have a time in their own zone. So the event means different things to different people. This year we’ve collaborated with Private Ryan and we did a Tailgate mix that we posted on to Sound Cloud and his website. The mix sets the tone for what people can expect.”

The trio credits their brainstorming sessions as the key to the success of their events. Their suite of events haven’t suffered any hiccups thus far and they don’t ever plan to. They are confident about the position of the brand as challenges they’ve faced over the years in pulling off these events off have taught them that planning is everything.

“You have to give people an experience and we believe that our concepts are different. The risk factor in our mind is dwindling because we’re more excited with the challenge of creating totally out of the box experiences. We have proven to people that if you spend time and put thought into your concept things will work. You can’t just book a venue, pay a Dj, put out a date and hope for the best. We don’t leave anything to chance. that’s how we limit our risk.”

The guys also talked about the importance of knowing the market as it informs every step of a venture. Always seeing any project as a business is important to the team. Re-investing and understanding the business side of events is the only way forward as promoters. They pride themselves on making their contribution to the tourism sector, however, they await the day when more interest and resources will be directed towards the ever growing tourism sector in a sustainable way.


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