Launch of New Miss World T&T Franchise

New National Pageant Director of Miss World T&T, Brian Gopaul, said he was drawn to take on the 2018 Miss World Franchise for T&T through a love of country. “The answer came deep from my heart, putting country first and using this amazing platform to inspire and empower young ladies to be the best versions of themselves. I knew through this platform we can mentor and have positive influences on our young women, bringing change to our youth and our community.”

Gopaul is the Managing and Creative Director of Elite Planners Limited, which has been awarded the franchise. His team includes a diverse list of people, including Dr Reiaz Mohammed, Peter Sheppard, Vaughnette Bigford, Kavita Maharaj, Kimberley Farah Singh, Jevon King, Sheree Ann Ramsingh, Richard Ahong, Kiran Maharaj and Micki Lee Qi. Gopaul said he feels each member of the team is a perfect fit, he added “It’s going to be phenomenal having that sort of diversity. We are excited to bring positive change and to inject a renewed sense of purpose and vigour into the pageant. We aim to garner a greater patriotic spirit and national pride.”

Former Miss World Giselle Laronde West said it has been tear-wrenching for her to see the many different, mainly negative, dynamics which have taken place backstage in the Miss T&T World Competition since she won in 1986. “It really took a toll on me over the years. The last few years have been the worst, and I’m very happy to see that we now have someone at the helm who’s going to be able to take Miss Trinidad and Tobago World forward with his wonderful team.”

Gopaul said he knows his team will be closely scrutinized because of the controversy which surrounded the franchise over the last few years. “I think it’s going to be a challenge but at the end of the day we can only give it our very best and as people get to know me and my team, they’ll see I believe in everything being very transparent, very fair and very honest.”

The launch of the franchise’s new logo and website was held at 101 Art Gallery, the former home of renowned artist Boscoe Holder. Gopaul said “It’s a place that’s steeped in history and art and so we wanted to start our journey in a place that represents all of us.”

Gopaul said a main focus of his will be the Beauty with a Purpose segment of the pageant. “There’s a lot of work to be done on it, and that’s really the heart and one of the main reasons I actually wanted to get involved. I strongly believe that is our duty to enable young women to develop their full potential. I want to take this opportunity to call on our government, corporate T&T, our citizens of this twin-island to come together, let us make a difference and bring back the prestige of pageantry.”

A preliminary screening of candidates will take place on May 26, with a semifinal screening on May 27. For more information, visit


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