Jynnyn Edwards, a Media Personality With a Big Heart

Jynnyn Edwards is no stranger to the entertainment world. Many may know her as a television personality hosting shows like Front Row and more recently Showtime TT which is a personal project. She has now joined the Guardian Media Ltd’s Slam 100.5 and 95.1 Remix family.

“I have been in the media industry for the past seven years. I got my start on CNC 3 Frontrow. In terms of radio this isn’t my first time. I started on STAR 947 in 2015 and will forever be thankful for the opportunity given. 2018 on the other hand, brought new challenges and I love a challenge so I switched it up a bit and joined the GML family, you guys can catch me Monday to Wednesday on Slam 100.5 from 9am to noon. Tuesday and Thursday from 3-6pm with Patrick and Friday from 9am to noon on 95.1 Remix,” she related.

Her journey to a career in the media industry is a straight case of one doing  what one is good at. Initially she aspired to be a geologist but had to shelve those plans because of not having the required prerequisite. Remembering the advice of her form six teacher she decided to pursue a course in marketing. It was a natural fit.

Her first chance at becoming a TV personality resulted in failure as nerves got the better of her at the audition.

“It was a flop, a total flop. I was really nervous and it really showed, but it was a learning experience,” said Edwards.

Shortly after she was approached to host CNC 3’s Front Row. She made the most of the opportunity and realised her passion for TV.

“I love sitting down and really talking to someone. It’s me engaging someone and learning their story. Some of the stories I’ve heard are truly inspiring. I love meeting people from all walks of life because everyone has a story to tell. There are a lot of people left on the wayside and when you listen to what they have to say sometimes it’s a real shame how they ended up that way. So that’s why I am willing to listen to anyone,” said Edwards.

Her interest in helping others, especially children, manifests in her foundation Peace, Love and Cupcakes. The thought for the foundation came to her six months before her 30th birthday when she was battling a bout of uncertainty in her life. She was at the cross-roads of either focusing on settling down or investing in herself and helping others. She chose the latter.

The Foundation is geared towards assisting children in orphanages to fulfil their dreams whatever they may be. Peace, Love and Cupcakes will be part of the Vansertima 5k which is scheduled for July 29th at the Queen’s Park Savannah with part-proceeds going to various charities and foundations. According to Edwards, this will be the first of many events that Peace, Love and Cupcakes will be a part of.

She is also the host of the online entertainment series ShowtimeTT- a project she shares with Daniel Beckles.

The no-holds-barred series is a refreshing addition to the entertainment landscape. With interviews from former beauty queens, award winning film directors and top Soca and Reggae artistes, the show takes on a life of its own.

“We decided to do the project online for two reasons – wider reach and limited restrictions. We want to get down to the real side of people and allow guests to truly be themselves. It makes for better watching when the element of spontaneity is there. I really enjoyed my interview with Wendy Fitz-Williams. We spoke for three hours, we just hit it off. Of course we had to edit that three hour interview into a half hour segment which was challenging because the entire thing was really great,” said Edwards.

Also in the works is a children’s show with the pilot very close to completion. The aim of the programme is to not only to teach but to reinforce morals and values in children.

“We’re having a problem with young people in T&T nowadays and a huge part of the problem began with poor training of children. We have to ensure that children learn the right things from the start so they can grow up with it. The show focuses on simple things like respect, hygiene, socialization skills, education, morals and values-the very things we were taught. I grew up with my grandmother and she was a person with strong traditional family values. So, I just want to do my part to help society as a whole,” said Edwards.

Her undertakings are huge but so is her passion for her projects. According to her, one thing is certain, through love anything is possible.


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