Gary Hector Goes Solo at Rock Concert Tonight

Tonight, Gary Hector, one of this country’s premier musicians, will perform his first Solo Acoustic Concert at Kaiso Blues Café, 85 Woodford Street, Newtown. The session promises to be one that will have an indelible vibe.

Hector is the lead singer and songwriter of the local rock-n-roll band jointpop, which recently released its eighth studio album — From Trinidad…With Love — produced by Paul Kimble of Grant Lee Buffalo, and was also the front man for the seminal early nineties band Oddfellows Local.

With over 100 recorded and released songs, such as Arrest Arrest, Red House, After ½ past Nine, Exile Baby, Monday Morning Love Situation, Simply Beautiful and Amplify, Hector will perform select songs from his catalogue for the concert which will take the shape of an acoustic guitar and vocal performance along with discussions on the songs.

Some surprise guests will be included in the show both on vocal and live instruments.

Admission is $80 at the door (no tickets) and doors open at 8 p.m. Show time is 10 p.m.

For more information on Hector, jointpop, the concert and the venue, check on all jointpop and Kaiso Blues Café social media.


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