Rhythms of Laventille will Vibrate at Emancipation Steelband Parade Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Laventille Steelband Festival Foundation (LSFF) will stage its 20th Annual Emancipation Steelband Street Parade along the Eastern Main Road, Success Village, Laventille, from 5 pm. No fewer than 30 of the nation’s popular steelbands are expected to parade during the seven-hour event.

There have been some changes to tomorrow’s programme, one of which will be, there would be no formal speeches like in previous years. Bands will be placed all along the street at comfortable intervals at the start of the parade and will play in a stationary position for at least 30 minutes from 5.30 pm following opening prayers and libations. The actual parade and movement of bands are scheduled to begin at 6 pm, and this year, there will be no judging.

Members of the Laventille Police Youth Club play at the Laventille Steelband Foundation’s Emancipation Steelband Festival on the Eastern Main Road, Laventille.

Rhythms of Laventille: Skin to Iron – the Awakening is a new event being introduced this year by LSFF. It will be held this evening at 7 pm, at the Laventille Community Complex, located behind House of Angostura, Trinity Avenue, off Eastern Main Road, Success Village.

LSFF chairman Michael Cooper told Pulse: “This is our way to give praise and say thanks for 19 years of street parades without incident and with positive growth and expression from the people of Laventille and environs.

“Homage will be paid to Ogun, the Orisa of Iron and the steelband, for the gifts we enjoy so much.”

“What makes this event so significant is that the Iron of the steelband, probably the most integral instrument in a percussion section, in the Engine Room of pan, will be elevated in this event.”

A six bass pannist performs at the Laventille Emancipation Steelband Festival in Laventille.

This evening’s programme will also include performances by Malick Folk Performers, North West Laventille Drummers and Wasa Foli.

Cooper added that pan musicians and enthusiasts and being asked and encouraged to bring their Iron and drums for a mass performance, the first of its kind anywhere: Skin and Iron.

Thanks to the assistance of the NLCB, the LSFF will convene its third annual Pan Camp, open to youths aged nine-14, at the Community Complex on August 13. With skilled musicians and tutors supervising, the camp will teach children all aspects of the steelpan, including performance, music, history, development, manufacturing and careers. The camp, open to youths from Laventille and environs, also offers training in life skills and other workshops aside from pan.

Camp hours are 8 a.m. – 2.30 p.m., and the camp will end on August 24.


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